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You should keep at least a three second distance to the car ahead.

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Q: What does the three second rule mean in driving?
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What is the best defense for dealing with all types of driving conditions?

three seconds plus following distance.

Is the three second rule in effect during a throw in?

There is a five second rule for a throw in.

When to use the two second rule when driving?

When following a vehicle in front of you.

What does the r rule of three mean?

Rule of three means when in drama the first time you want something to happen it does not work, then when you try the second time it does not work again, and the third time it works.

When was the three second rule introduced?

In 1936.

What is the 1 second rule when driving?

The four second rule is very simple, while following another vehicle when he passes a certain line or passes under a bridge you simply starting of the seconds and you should be at the four second mark or higher.

What does rule of three mean in English?

"The rule of three" means that things often occur in groups of three.

What is the three-second rule in subway?

You have to acknowledge a customer within three seconds of them entering the store.

What does the rule of three mean in paralegal terms?


Does the proper following distance vary with speed?

Yes, using either the 2-second rule or the 3-second rule means that as your driving speed increases, you leave more distance between you and the car ahead of you.

What is the Legal driving distance between two cars?

I always heard of the two second rule but I am not sure if that is law.

What is the 3-second rule?

The 3 second rule refers to dropping a piece of food on the floor and if you pick it up within three seconds, it is still safe to eat.