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Q: What does the average person do 13 times a day?
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What does the average person do 13 times per day?

your mom! dummy

How many times a day does an average person lie?

The average woman lies from about 1 - 5 times a day The average man lies from about 3 - 9 times a day. The average Teenage Girl lies 3 - 10 times a day. The average Teenage Boy lies 3 - 13 times a day.

How often does May 13 fall on Mother's Day?

The likelihood of Mothers' Day falling on May 13 is exactly 14.5%. In other words, it happens an average of 14.5 times per century.

How often should a six month baby pee?

depends how much milk it gets average is 10-13 times a day

How often are 14 year old girls supposed to fart?

The average person farts about 13 times per day. I see no reason why 14 YO girls should be different.

When was A Thousand Times a Day created?

A Thousand Times a Day was created on 1996-04-13.

How many calories does a teenage person need a day?

1500 calories is the average adult diet, that's for people above 13

how much do people fart a day?

13 to 21 times a day hahahahahahahahah

How many kilojoules should a 13 year old eat a day?

a boy on average should eat around 2200 kilojoules a day. a girl on average should eat around 2100 kilojoules a day. on average a 13 year old should eat 2150 kilojoules a day.

How many calories does an average teenager burn daily?

The average person burns about 2000-2500 calories a day. A simple calculation to measure your daily caloric burn is to multiply your body weight by 13.the average 13 year old girl who weighs 100 pounds burns about 1,310 calories without exercise, the average 18 year old weighing about 120 burns about 1,400 per day

How much does the average 13 year old text in a day?


How tall is the average person at age 13?

At least 60 inches (5 ft) is the average height.