What does liabilty insurance cover?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Auto liability insurance covers physical damage to the other vehicle if you are At Fault. It also covers injuries for parties in the other vehicle when the accident was your fault. It does not provide any coverage for your vehicle, you, or passengers.

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Q: What does liabilty insurance cover?
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Is there a difference between tenants policy insurance and renters insurance?

They are both the same thing. They cover your personal belongings and liabilty protection.

Why is liability insurance important in the medical office?

why is liabilty insurance important in the medical office

Will liability insurance cover deer damages for state farm?

Liabilty will not cover damage from a collision with a deer no matter what insurance company you have. Animal collisions are covered under "Comprehensive" or "Other Than Collision" coverage. Liability only covers damage you do when you are at fault.

When do we need car insurance?

Auto liabilty insurance is required by law whenever we operate a motor vehicle on public roads

Where is Chancel Insurance located?

Chancel Repair Liabilty insurance is a liability for some people that own property in England and Wales. Chancel Insurance is located in England, where it is very commonly known.

Will homeowner's insurance pay for mold removal of mold caused by a neighbor draining water to your property?

Your neighbor's insurance company's liabilty coverage should pay for it and your insurance company should pursue it for you

What companies have personal trainer insurance?

DGI offers liabilty insurance for personal trainers that have thier own small business. Chekc out thier website or give them a call for more information.

Which insurance companies offer corporate liabilty insurance?

Corporation liability insurance is available from a number of companies including GEICO, The Dominion, State Farm, and Progressive Commerical. Further information is available on the respective websites of these companies.

Is insurance a asset or liabilty?

Insurance can actually cannot be considered as an asset or a liability.. Infact Insurance is there to protect your asset for future needs and save you from financial crisis.. It reduces all the losses ocuured on any particular event..

What type of liability insurance does a self employed CPR instructor who goes to private residences and businesses in the Los Angeles California area to teach need?

You need Professional General Liabilty Insurance.

What type of insurance does Hartford cover?

They cover auto insurance, life insurance,homeowner's insurance, and also insurance on AARP endorsed products. They seem to cover all the basis for insurance needs.

Do all employers have to offer employers liability insurance in KY?

Not all employers are required to offer employers liabilty insurance in Kentucky. Some exemptions are made to some small businesses, and other special circumstances.