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Q: What does it seemed to have a will of its own means?
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What does the hours went by like years mean?

It means that time seemed to slow down or that everything seemed to take longer.

Is seemed a homonym?

Yes "seemed" - past tense of seem: "to appear to be" sounds the same as "seamed" which means having seams - joins between pieces of fabric. so seemed is a homonym of seamed

What is the strawberries seemed to sing eat you first?

it means that you are up in the sky

What is the meaning of helpless?

It means being out of help.

Should you still try to find a girl that seemed to like you?

I she means a lot to you then yes.

How do you use the word ethnocentric in a sentence?

ethnocentric is an adj. so you can describe any object with means, 'characterized by or based on the attitude that one's own group is superior'An example:Although Jimmy seemed to think that everyone was equal, he was secretly ethnocentric.

The obscenity trial of D. H. Lawrence seemed to confirm his own theories that was a problem in modern England.?


What is meant by 'He lived a year in a minute?

it means that and event was so boring that it seemed like it took forever

What does Misfortune seemed his lot means in gingle bells?

In simple terms - it means he was always unlucky ! I'd not hears that verse until I researched it on the 'net.

What is a sentence with helpless?

I was rendered helpless when she looked at me with those big blue eyes.

What is the meaning of the personification the strawberries seemed to sing to me?

it means: the strawberry's like i'm being called to eat them

What is the past tense of seems?