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Q: What does it mean when you sleep all the time?
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What does it mean if you have dreamless sleep?

Well you don't dream at all. When you sleep, you don't experience time and feel time hasn't passed much till you look at the clock, then you will realize you been asleep for hours instead of a couple of seconds. I experience this all the time, in all honesty, you shouldn't strive for dreamless sleep.

Do you sleep all the time because you are stressed?

When you sleep all the time it could mean that at night, when you are supposed to go to bed, you could be stressing about too many things. Night time is the time that you can get all of these things off your mind because bed time is the time that you get to clear your head. When you are tired during the day you dont get enough sleep at night. try to stay awake all day and then go to bed on time. Try this for a week and your sleep and stress will be on track. -Karl Ann, Rockin it

Can you dream in your sleep?

Yes you can I dream in my sleep all the time.

What does moemoe mean in hawaiian?

Go to sleep or sleep time...... Go moemoe= go to bed\go to sleep

What do you mean by sleep and wakeup in unix?

sleep is a unix command line program that suspends program execution for specified period of time.. syntax:- sleep time example:- sleep 10 date, time and wait are the related commands of sleep command...

Is it OK for 2 week old puppies to sleep all day?

Yes, puppies of that age will basically sleep all the time, and feed the rest of the time, but mostly they will just sleep.

Why does Kimberly sleep all the time?

Kimberly sleeps all the time because she need rest

How much do pigs sleep?

almost all the time.

What time do Australians sleep at?

They all pretty much sleep at night, just as most people do.

When does a African Side Neck Turtle sleep?

They sleep all of the time. During the day or night, they sleep as they please. They are light sleepers.

What time do children go to school in Japan?

All the time. They never sleep

How do you astronauts sleep?

The U.S. astronauts go to sleep in their spacecraft in their sleeping bags , all tied up neatly. the sleeping time is according to the Houston night time, the Russian sleep according to Moscow time.