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Q: What does it mean on estimate claim repair facility total loss?
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How much does it cost to recharge a window ac unit?

There is likely to be a "trip" or "service call" charge as well as the cost of the coolant (plus labor) added to the total bill. Rates vary from one region to another, and from one company to another, so it's almost impossible to cite a price that you would pay. Call a local AC repair facility and inquire to the trip and labor charges and ask for an estimate.

At what ratio between auto value and the repair estimate do insurance company total out a vehicle?

Usually if the repair bill meets or exceeds 70% of the cars book value, the insurance company will usually opt to total the car and pay it off. If your car is worth $10,000 and the bill is $7,000, you'll probably get the $10,000 minus any applicable deductibles and other fees.

What is gross claim and net claim?

I would guess that your gross claim is the total amount of damages done and your net claim is the damages less your deductible. The gross claim may also include the cost of adjusting the claim, like sending someone out to appraise your damages. The extra costs aren't held against you, only the total damages.

Mentally estimate the total cost of 1.85 0.98 3.49 9.78 and 6.18 rounding off to the nearest half-dollar your estimate of the total cost of these items is?

The estimate is $22.50.

How much does it cost to repair a timing belt on a car?

You don't "repair" a timing belt, you replace it. The cost of the belt varies depending on the model of car. The total repair bill is likely to be significantly more than the cost of the belt due to labor. Exactly how much depends not only on the model of car, but where you take it; the best way to get an estimate is to, well, get an estimate: call several local garages, tell them your year, make, and model of car, and ask how much they would charge to replace a timing belt.

Can total loss vehicles be salvaged to the repair shop?


How you would use the scale in miles to estimate total area of Madagascar?

how you would use the scale in miles to estimate to total area of Madagascar

Can a request be made to an accident repair shop to declare a car totaled?

Ultimately, the decision to declare a vehicle a total loss belongs to the insurance company. If the insurance company is unable to have one of their own adjusters look at the vehicle, they will usually hire an independent. The repair shop can write an estimate and take pictures, but the insurance company will decide (based on state law and their own policies) whether or not the vehicle is a total loss.

Is the creditor's financial claim minus the owner's financial claim to item of property always equals the total cost of the equity?


What is a reasonable estimate of the sum of 697 and 319?

A reasonable estimate is 1000. The actual total is 1016.

What does it mean to total a vehicle?

When you total a vehicle, it means the car is wresked beyond repair and you cannot drive it again.

Has anyone ever heard of Total Scope Inc endoscopic repair company - Do you know what benefits they offer?

Total Scope is a direct repair facility for flexible endoscopes. Our program provides service to hospitals like yours that are concerned about high cost, frustrated by slow turn times, or are unhappy with the quality of their repairs. We have had 20 years of success helping our customers save a substantial amount of money, keep physicians happy with quality repairs, and see more patients as a result of faster turn times.