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You chose to have unprotected sex - what do you think it means?

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Q: What does it mean if you had unprotected sex 8 days ago and now your hungry and really tired?
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What happens when you don't eat for three days?

you get really hungry or you get really sick

If you sleep for 3 days can you die?

Uhh no, it might actually do you some good if you're really tired.

First day of period august 2 had unprotected sex on august 21 period four days late?

Give it a couple of more days, then take a test. You were really asking for it.

You feel really tired and your period is not due for 10 days chest does hurt ache all over?


Why did Billy think that hunting would be good that night?

billy thought that hunting would be good that night because all the racoons where tired and hungry from the blizzard that happened just a few days ago. all of the coons were hungry and billy thought they would be weak abd easy to catch

What is an exaggeration for tired?

An exaggeration for tired woul be like, I was so tired that I slept for days, or, I was so tired I slept through the school year.

I am one month constipated and now I am always hungry for 3 days even after eating my stomach makes noise like I am really hungry even though I am not Is this bad?

This could be bad, there are over the counter laxitives that can help you.

Can a woman get pregnant if sex happens on the first day of her periods and what can be done to undo after 6 days of unprotected sex?

yes, you can get pregnant on the first day of your period. there really isn't anything you can do about unprotected sex. maybe the day after pill? but it properly wont work if your already pregnant.

Which would you be if you hadn't eaten for several days hungry or starving?

You would be starving. This is basically a synonym for "extremely hungry."

Can you get pregnant 6 days into your period?

There is no "safe" time during a month to have unprotected sex!!

Can you get pregnant if you have unprotected sex 5 days after your period and your mate ejaculated in you?

Yes, yes you can.

Can i be pregnant if Its been four days of a missed period?

If you had unprotected sex then there is a high chance.