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A few years ago I had my liver 20cm big. A few month (6 - 8) of NO ALCOHOL, NO PILLS AND SOME STRICT DIET. It reduced to normal size. So don't freak out. Ask your doctor for some advice and i recommend you go to a nutritionist for a special diet.

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Q: What does it mean 19cm enlarged fatty liver?
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What does enlarged liver mean and what are symptoms for enlarged liver?

An enlarged liver may mean that there you have too much salt in your body and that is the bodies way of getting rid of the excess salt. Your waste passes through the liver as well as the kidneys before exiting so the body is attempting to cleanse itself.

Does fatty liver mean diebites yes or no?

no it does not

If alt or sgpt in the liver function test is 114 what does that mean?

alcohol abuse, fatty liver disease

What is a echogenic lesion on the liver?

Hepatic echogenicity means the nature of ultrasound waves which are reflected from the liver during a sonography. If the waves or echoes are larger than normal then it means that the parenchyma or the functional part of the liver is diseased. The parenchyma is generally affected by fatty deposits within the liver causing hepatomegaly or inflamation of the liver or the parenchmal cells of the liver. Fatty liver disease is completely reversible without any long lasting effects but it takes around three months to reverse it with dietary restrictions.

Enlarged Liver Symptoms?

The medical term for enlarged liver is: hepatomegaly. The liver swelling beyond the normal size is usually a sign that there are additional problems with liver function, but it can also simply mean that the liver is full of fat deposits. The liver is one of the body's critical organs. It lies on the right side of the abdomen and serves to rid the body of toxins and to produce enzymes that assist with blood clotting. When a doctor examines your body they will palpitate the stomach area and feel for an enlarged liver. Many people have no symptoms associated with an enlarged liver, but some will have a feeling of fullness in their stomach or some stomach discomfort where the liver is located. If that area is sensitive when you press on it, it is likely that you have an enlarged liver. The liver is unique in that it has no nerves and reproduces its own cells up to a point where it begins to dysfunction. This is why it is important to have tests run to determine the reason for the enlarged liver. The discomfort symptoms the patient feels are not coming from the liver, they are coming from other organs in the same area that are being squeezed by the enlargement of the liver. By the time the patient has actual liver symptoms such as jaundice which is yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eye, liver disease has developed. Causes of an enlarged liver can be alcoholism, obesity, diabetes, hepatitis, iron deposits, and side effects of some drugs. An enlarged liver can also develop because of leukemia, liver cancer, tuberculosis, and congestive heart failure. It becomes a major concern because rather than an actual condition, the enlarged liver is more of a symptom of these other diseases. Tests such as x-ray, blood tests, and biopsy will determine what the cause of the enlargement is. The patient can then take action to correct or treat the underlying disease.

What does it mean to have high liver enzymes?

High levels of liver enzymes can indicate damage or inflammation of the liver. Causes include hepititis, obesity, fatty liver disease or even a problem caused by certain medications.

What does it mean if your liver is mildly enlarged?

It means that your liver is bigger than it should be. Can happen from drinking too much, or from disease. You need to listen to your doc and follow the recommendations on how to live your life.

What does increased echo texture of the liver mean?

An increased echotexture of the liver could mean several different things. A doctor is the only one who can diagnose what it means in a certain case. It would be caused by cirrhosis, or hepatitis, or fatty infiltration just to name a few things it could mean.

What does increased echogenicity of the hepatic parenchyma consistent with steatosis is demonstrated mean?

The waves are being reflected back more than usual because of a buildup of fat in the liver, e.g. fatty liver. Can be due to excess alcohol intake.

What does it mean to have enlarged red blood cells?

There are several possible causes of enlarged red blood cells. Some of those causes are liver disease, alcoholism, vitamin B-12 deficiency, and medications. Further testing will likely need to be done to find the exact cause in order to treat it.

How many lobes does the shark liver have?

Since you categorize this question under Frog and Toads, I presume you mean a frog liver. I've added a link to the answer under related links. Check it out.

This does not mean y?

This does not mean you have a fatty liver, it does not indicate any liver damage. If you are a type 2 diabetic it means you have insulin resistance, rather than a lack of insulin as in type 1. f your blood sugar has been increasing while you have been on the same regimen it means that your resistance is increasing