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It means you are normal everybody has it.

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Q: What does having hair on the big toe usually mean in a guys sense?
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Do guys like women to have their hair up or down?

Depends on the guy, the hair, and how it looks up and down. Usually, guys don't really care.

Do other guys care about other guys having armpit hair?

No, Men all have armpit hair past puberty, it is normal, I can't imagine there being a problem.

Why do guys like girls with blonde hair?

You don't have to have blonde hair. Usually blondes are more outgoing and guys like that. I don't mind hair color at all. How they act is more important to me.

What do you think was the most lasting effect of the counterculture of the 1960's?

My vote's on either the psychedelic influence on music or the acceptance of guys with long hair, or in a broader sense, the acceptance of people who are as different as guys with long hair were in the '60s.

Do girls like guys who spike up their hair?

Because spiked hair usually looks very good on guys. It also shows girls that guys who spike their hair care about their appearance. Not all girls like spiked hair, but more than half of them do. So guys, if your single and want girls to attract you, get a good haircut and put some product in it!

What does longer hair say about a guy?

Usually says that they actually care more about their appearance and they take good care of themselves. Guys with cropped hair can be filthy and not clean their hair, but guys with long hair have to, and they have to brush it as well. It also usually means that they don't play a lot of sports or they aren't very athletic, or else they'd put their hair up.

Whats hotter brown or blonde hair?

Depends what guy you want to like you, lots of guys prefer different hair colours. Go for what colour suits your personality! because guys usually go for a girls personality and then the looks come in! be yourself! do what you want with your hair!! its your hair isn't it?

Why do men have short hair and women have long hair?

Actually, this is kind of a question that isn't very accurate. Some men actually do have long hair, but you don't see them around as often as guys that have short hair. This is because guys will get made fun of if their hair is too long, but girls having long hair is her feminism. Girls that have short hair don't really get much attention.Girls have long hair because..Most guys are attracted to long hairGirls can hide many things (double chins, weird ears) with long hairGirls just love having and taking care of long hair!Guys have short hair because..Most Girls are attracted to men with shorter hairShort hair is easier to be kept, less matinence.

Do girls like short hair?

totally depends on the girl. personally, my friends and i usually go for guys with kinda longer hair, but we've like boys with short hair too.

What type of girl does guys like?

It depends on the guy usually; clear skin/natural looking; nice hair (not always greasy or frizzy; smooth looking skin (not lumpy and bumpy); nice personality/a good sense of humour and similar interests.

Are guys with long hair bad guys?

I have long hair and I'm not a "bad guy"

Are guys supposed to wax theyre stomachs like im 14 and have some stomach hair?

No, having hair is not a crime. The only people that wax everything tend to be bodybuilders or swimmers.