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I would imagine that you are using the term frequency in relation to the frequency of claims that a person has instead of the amount of each average claim.

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Q: What does frequency question mean in auto insurance application?
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Can you have your own auto insurance policy if you live at home with your parents?

Yes, you can have your own auto insurance policy. If you are a minor though, you will need your legal gaurdian to countersign your application for insurance coverage.

How old can you be to buy auto insurance?

Old enough to legally drive is old enough to buy auto insurance. i still a minor you will be required to have your parents countersign the application

what are some auto insurance?

I don't understand this question. Please restate the question.

Does your secure family sell auto insurance?

I do not understand this question.

How does being on Medicare affect auto insurance?

I have been an agent for almost 20 years and I have never had to ask an applicant if they were on medicare for an auto insurance application. It shouldn't raise your rates at all.

What does personal injury protection insurance cover?

Ask this question under the catergory of "auto insurance".

Where can someone get a quote from Budget Auto Insurance?

In order to get a quote from Budget Auto Insurance try going online to the Budget Direct website. This website has an on-line application process to go through. Fill out the application and your quote will be either emailed ot you or an agent will contact you directly.

Will a toll violation increase an auto insurance?

Contact your agent or the policy services dept. of your insurance carrier for the answer to your question.

Which companies provide car insurance in the state of OR?

Companies that offer car insurance in Oregon are State Farm auto insurance, 21st Century auto insurance, Nationwide auto insurance, Mercury auto insurance, Farmers auto insurance, and AAA auto insurance.

Is auto insurance primary over heath insurance in a auto accident?

Yes... depending on your state though. Your auto insurance medical payments, or if you have personal injury proctection/no fault that would be primary in the event of you or anyone in your car hurt in an auto accident. Your our health insurance would be excess. In some states you can opt to have health insurance primary and auto excess. You can always check with your auto insurance provider, they can answer the question better b/c they can see your policy.

Does property insurance or auto insurance pay when a auto owner damages his garage with his auto?

Auto Insurance.

How an auto insurance policy is a binding legal contract?

An insurance policy in combination with the application for insurance together make a legally binding contract. The application is the acceptance of the quote along with certain guarantees made by the applicant. As long as the truth is given on the application then the application is accepted by the company and it is a bound contract. If it is later found that you lied on the application, the contract is broken and the company does not have to abide by their part of the agreement either.