What does comprehensive insurance cover?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Can you recommend a UK insurance company that deals with comprehensive insurance policy for a consigment from Asia to Europe

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Q: What does comprehensive insurance cover?
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Will your flood insurance cover your car in the driveway?

No, Flood insurance will not cover your Automobile. Your Comprehensive Auto Insurance will cover flood damage to your Car.

Does liability insurance cover hail damage?

No. That would come under comprehensive insurance.

What kind of damages does comprehensive auto insurance cover?

Comprehensive auto insurance will cover a driver for car accidents and injury caused by them. It will also cover damage from weather incidents, vandalism and fire, as well as theft.

What type of insurance will cover a stolen vehicle?

Comprehensive insurance covers theft. Liability & Collision do not.

Will your auto insurance cover hitting a bird?

Yes, under comprehensive

Does comprehensive car insurance cover theft?

In my opinion it does cover theft. To be sure I would call the insurance company of my choice and ask them about their policy.

Does State Farm Auto Insurance cover flood damage?

Yes it does, through their comprehensive insurance coverage.

Does comprehensive auto insurance cover damage from a tree crushing it at home?


Does comprehensive insurance cover damages caused by potholes on the road?

It may and My policy does

Is acid rain cover under auto insurance?

Yes, if you have comprehensive coverage.

What does Comprehensive?

Comprehensive in Car Insurance mean when you have an accident with another car, your insurance will cover the cost for you, your car and the third persons car. But when you quote comprehensive the premium will be higher (£120 approx. per month).

How comprehensive is progressive boat insurance?

Progressive offers comprehensive and collision boat insurance. Both insurance types cover collisions between boats and other objects. Comprehensive insurance gives additional protection and covers cases such as a boat fire or a stolen boat.