What does au thor means?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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"Thor" is not a French word, aside from the name of the Germanic pagan god of thunder. You could say "à Thor" (to Thor), but "au Thor" doesn't make sense. Maybe you're thinking of...

au thon -- with tuna

auteur -- author

autour -- around

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Q: What does au thor means?
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How many syllables does authorization have?

The word authorization has five syllables. (au-thor-i-za-tion)

How many syllables does the word author have?

There are 2 syllables. Au-thor.

What is emaning of the thor?

Thor means Thunder.

What has the author Thor-peng-Thong written?

Thor-peng-Thong has written: 'La thalassemie au Cambodge' -- subject(s): Medicine, Thalassemia

Who named Thor Thor?

It means thunder. It comes from Norse mythology and Thor is the god of thunder.

If Thor means god of thunder what does Thorsdagr mean?

Thorsdagr means "Thor's Day" or "Thunder's Day".

How do you divide the word author into syllables?

Authority has four syllables: au-tho-ri-ty

Is the dead star by Paz Marquez Benitez a novel?

Answer: paz marquez benitez, she was the au thor o.k.

What does thorsen mean?

it means son of thor

What is the difference between AU and UN?

In medicine, AU means in in both ears, UN means in both nostrils; in geography AU means Australia, while UN means United Nations.

What is the difference between 'au' and 'a' in french?

au is 'à le' put together (masculine) - it means to the or at the, à means to or at

What does au college means in French?

"au collège" means 'in [junior] high school' in French.