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ya mum FROM ASKER: oh really?

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Q: What does a tranquilizer dart feel like?
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Can an air rifle fire tranq rounds?

No- although there are tranquilizer guns that use air or CO2 to propel the dart. A tranquilizer dart is quite large- about the diameter of a marble, and a few inches long.

What can happen to you if you get hit by a Tranquilizer gun?

Depending upon which tranquilizer and how much is contained in the dart - you could be rendered unconcious or comatose or killed.

How much does it cost to purchase Tranquilizer darts?

The cost of purchasing a tranquilizer dart is approximately $25.00 per dart. Be aware that you must be licensed to purchase these darts in accordance to state laws and regulations. Most are purchased for official use only.

What do poison dart frogs feel like?

they feel like regular frogs

What does it feel like to get shot by a tranquilizer gun?

it feels like getting done up the rectum by a bum

What does a tranquilizer gun look like?

They look like a single shot shotgun- since they are made by a company that MAKES single shot shotguns. The tranquilzer dart is about as big as your finger.

How do you get the flying unicorn down?

First try a carrot. Or use a tranquilizer dart. Or a Barrett .50cal with DU rounds.

How do you find or make a sleep potion for dart guns to use in the woods?

Simple use existing product's on the market like animal tranquilizer sold to domestic farmer's, with lifestock

Should people protest against animals being kept in zoos?

Yes and no. If we didn't keep these animals locked up, how else would we be able to learn about them? No because how would you feel if someone shot a tranquilizer dart into you, you fall asleep, and when you wake up you're in a cage?

How do you shoot the tranquilizer gun in RCT3?

When an animal escapes or when you set it loose you can go to the dart pic in the right hand corner when it is blinking. Then right-click an shoot the animal by leftmouseclick

Is PCP a horse tranquilizer?

Phencyclidine or PCP is a horse tranquilizer. The tranquilizer is given to them so they will not freak out for certain things.

Is the drug geodon a tranquIlizer?

yes geodon is a heavy tranquilizer