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Q: What does a state of pleasant intoxication mean?
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What does the prefix in in the word intoxication mean?


Is intoxication an altered state of consciousness?


What is mean by intoxication in Islam?

drugs that are used to put u in different state of mind . . for plasure !

What state has the highest sexual activity?

The state of intoxication. BTW why? Do you want to move there?

When was Pleasant Valley State Prison created?

Pleasant Valley State Prison was created in 1994.

What delirious mean?

it means you are disoriented to a point that you are not able to think right.Delirious means to be in a very disturbed state of mind resulting in illness or intoxication.

What is the definition of intoxication?

of Intoxicate, Producing intoxication; fitted to intoxicate; as, intoxicating liquors.

What is alcohol intoxication?

Alcohol intoxication is a state when there is enough ethanol in your body to have an effect - usually the symptoms of euphoria, a certain degree of lethargy, impaired vision, balance, and judgement will be the prime signs of intoxication.

What is another word for state of drunkenness that starts with an I?

Intoxication or inebriation

Which was the first state to pass the law of legal intoxication?


What is acute ethanol intoxication?

the state of being drunk on alcohol

How frequently does drug intoxication impact delirium?

Drug intoxication ("intoxication confusional state") is responsible for up to 20% of delirium cases, either from side effects, overdose, or deliberate ingestion of a mind-altering substance.