What does a defensive driver do?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Read the road ahead.

Watch out for other drivers and expect them to do something silly.

Put yourself in a position where you can always take avoiding action.

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Q: What does a defensive driver do?
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What is a defense driver?

a defensive driver is a person who has road rage.

Why is it important to be a defensive driver?

safety EDIT: It is not important to the a defensive driver, it is important to be an AWARE driver. You can be defensive and still have issues (driving 40 mph on the 70mph freeway is overdefensive) BE AWARE, especial for those on motorcycles!

A defensive driver must always follow the car ahead at what safe distance?

as a defensive driver you must follow the car ahead of you at safe distance of?

What are some of the visual clues a defensive driver can use to spot an impaired driver?


As a defensive driver you should check your mirrors?


A defensive driver anticipates actions of other drivers and is prepared to take?

A defensive driver anticipates the actions of the other drivers and is prepared to take evasive action. He or she is always on the alert.

Does conscientious driver often get defensive or Offensive at times?


What of driver have not been taught defensive driving skills?


To avoid accidents a defensive driver should?

Stay alert

The purpose of taking defensive driving is?

The purpose of defensive driving course is to refresh or teach for the first time, defensive driving skills. In some states, defensive driving is allowed after receiving a citation (most times for speeding) as a way to dismiss the ticket while re-training the driver in what it is to be a safe driver.

To avoid Accident defensive driver should?

stay alert and look for trouble spots

What was the name of the driver of the car that caused the first accident in th defensive driving video?