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it means it is equipped with a supercharger

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Q: What does a blown engine mean and you mean the good kind of blown?
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What does oil around the muffler mean?

Your engines blown! 0.0 oh dear. You engine is burning oil. Not good. Get her to a shop.

If engine is blown will you still have power?

The term "blown engine" usaully means the the engine is dead in which case you would not have any power. In the racing world the term "blown engine" could mean something else. A blown engine would be an engine that is super charged with a blower in which case you would have more power.

What it means when their is water in the engine?

Water belongs in an engine. Now if you mean if there is water in the oil in an engine, this may mean that you have a blown head gasket. This needs repair before you drive the vehicle or it can do serious damage to the engine.

What does windblown mean?

It means that the wind has blown it. Like for example a wind blown wave is a wave caused by the air currents that makes the wave travel, a tsunami is one kind of that.

What does GM 5.7 LG mean on engine block?

how can i find what kind of engine i have

What does the expression 'he's a crackerjack mechanic' mean?

Crackerjack means that he (or she) is good at what they do - its Australian slang for "very good" or "rocking" etc. Example: "Bob fixed my blown apart engine in no time! He's a crackerjack mechanic alright, really knows his stuff!"

What does it mean when the overflow tank is bubbling when you start the car?

Might mean you have internal engine damage like a blown head gasket. You need to get this professionally checked.

Why would white smoke come from the engine?

White smoke coming from the engine can mean many different things. One such thing is that your car may have a blown head gasket or that oil is burning in the engine.

My 86 Mazda rx7 is blowing white smoke out the tailpipe and looseing coolant what does this mean?

Blown h20 seal in engine or turbo !!

What is a blown head?

First-A head gasket is located in between the piston cylinder head and the engine block, inside a car engine. Now a blown head is a blown head gasket. It causes the engine to overheating. All the engine parts are made of metal. So, when the temperature of an engine heats beyond a point, it leads to the blowing of the head gasket. The gasket has failed to seal the space between the head and block. This allows coolant to enter the combustion chamber or the oil galleys. It can also mean the head has cracked.

What does a blown head gasket mean?

It doesn't necessarily mean a bad engine but with this mileage, you might as well go for a rebuild since if you just do the head it porbably will start using oil.

What causes an engine to have a blown head gasket?

Headgaskets most commonly blow due to the engine becoming too hot, this may mean a blocked radiator or a water leak causing the water level in the engine to drop.