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Q: What does Amanda think of Maniac being popular on the East end?
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Who is mr and mrs beale in Maniac Magee?

i think they were the parents of amanda (maniac"s friend from the east side)

What is the problem resolved in Maniac Magee?

i think that it is all about relationships and how maniac made and lost so many friends and family, and he resolved it by not running away from it and letting the help Amanda Beale and her family come to him and take him in.....

Does china anne mclain play Amanda in Maniac Magee?

she was around 9 when she played amanda i watched it and amanda had the exact same face as china anne mclain so practically yes you are welcome if I'm wrong then sorry but i think yes

Who was Amanda?

I really don't think there is a saint Amanda. I think there is only a sister Amanda.

Name me some popular netball players?

Pamela cookey - GA Amanda newton - GD i think

Who was Saint Amanda?

I really don't think there is a saint Amanda. I think there is only a sister Amanda.

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There is no such thing as being popular, and unpopular If your "popular" , Your Vain ( Vain=Think You Are Popular And Everyone Likes You)

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I watched it for a few weeks and I liked it but the people on the tv cancelled it from nickelodeon. This proves that it wasn't popular enough. (It was a bit too weird for some!) google loves orange¬!

What is in the solacean ruins?

there is a writing that looks like unknown and there is unknown if you catch all unknown go south of veilstone into a cave and you will see a guy talk to him and he will dicover a cave there is uknown ? and unknown ! The Cave guy is I think the __________ Maniac. What I mean by __________ is his name changes. First, he is the Ruin Maniac, then I think the Cave Maniac, then the Tunnel Maniac.

What did the crowd call maniac after his race with mars bars in the book Maniac Magee?

um i think i might know oh what no i don't

How many copies did Maniac Magee sell?

12,000 i think

Why was maniac confused?

i think manaic was confused because he was not winig