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60 Tv® is a registered trademark used for Jewelry Made of Gold and/or Other Precious Metals, With or Without Precious Stones and owned by Tecnigold S.P.a..

it is an Italian based company

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Q: What does 60 tv stand for on gold necklace?
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Does the 60" tv stand have to be anchored to the wall?

No, as far as what it seems your 60 inch television stand does not have to be anchored to the wall. For more information go here.

where can we read the review for the Tech Craft ABS60 Veneto Series Black Distressed 60 TV Stand Credenza?

You can read a review for the Tech Craft ABS60 Veneto Series Black Distressed 60 TV Stand Credenza at

What size tv stand should I use for my 60 inch tv?

A 185cm stand because it is more stable and can provide good height in case you can't see. If you buy something like 125cm stand then the TV won't fit and will fall off the stand and cause trouble.

Is there a company that could custom design a 60 inch tv stand to fit my decor?

You can order a customized TV stand online or from a local creator in newspaper listings. This website has a reputable company to order your TV stand:

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Where can a 60 inch TV stand be purchased?

Depending on your shopping preference- online/in-store/catalog, TV stands are available from countless places. Some stores will allow you to order online and have products delivered to your house or for in-store pickup.

What are the dimensions of a 60 inch tv?

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What is the difference between a widescreen tv stand a regular tv stand?

A wide screen TV stand is longer than a regular TV stand. A wide screen TV stand is also weighted differently than a regular TV stand. This will help it balance the larger television set.

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