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As per company policy means that a rule has been established at an earlier time that everyone in the company must follow. One example of a company policy might be a return policy for a retail store.

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Q: What do you mean by as per company' policy?
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How many leaves are paid in private limited company?

determined as per the policy of company......

Rights and duties of insurer and insured?

They vary per policy and per company. They will be listed on the policy itself under the section entitled "conditions".

What are the safety policy of a ship's company?

Each company has its own safety policy. You have to specify the company; then you might find out what their policy is.

What is the minimum office space per person?

The minimum office space per person depends on company policy, and in some countries, the regulations of the country you are working in.

What is the Pay reimbursement for mileage?

It depends on the policy of the company or agency paying the reimbursement. Some may pay $0.07 per mile, others may pay $0.12 per mile. If there is to be a reimbursement, there is a policy establishing the rate of reimbursement.

Does company policy affect all employees or just a few?

A company policy applies to everybody that works at the company.

As a good company employee can you report your supervisor to the company management if he or she is going against the company interest in his or her actions?

Of course you can ! Just because they're a supervisor - does not mean they are exempt from following company policy.

Is an old policy 6034737024 for D Johnson in effect?

The policy has to have a company name; contact that company.

What are the roles of information policy in the company?

Policy enkuri

What you do if company is breaking company policy?

cancel the licence of the company

What does the English phrase 'Is it mandatory for your company to pay per diem' mean?

"Is it mandatory for your company to pay per diem?" means "Is your company required to pay an allowance for daily expenses?" or "Is your company required to pay on a daily basis?"

What is the process for a business to accept insurance?

Not sure if you mean, if you mean for insurance to issue a policy on a business, policy will be submitted to the underwriting dept. that will review, and investigate the risk and then make the determination if their company will 'accept the risk' of insuring this business.