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Q: What do you look like when you are about to throw up?
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When you or your boyfriend or girlfriend where about to kiss did one of you throw up?

Me personally the first time i kissed a girl felt like i was going to throw up, but that is all just nerves, i actually did not throw up. After the first time that you kiss a girl you will like it and the butterflies will go away and you wont throw up or feel like you have to throw up.

Why do you have to throw up?

idk but i know how you can make yourself throw up. Well you can look at something gross or you can make yourself sick.

What does Cody Simpson not like?

he does not like throw up.

Name a way yopu can tell someone just ate something they didn't like?

Look on face spit it out throw it up

Did nick Jonas ever throw up blood from diabetes?

Um... no. You don't throw up blood from diabetes. Look it up if you don't know what it is. Nick has type one.

You throw up what do you do?

get a buck with you feel like you hAVE TO PUKE

Why does my child throw up milk?

probably he does not like it

How do you break a phone making it look like an accident?

Throw it on the ground, hard!

Why did you throw up after a tattoo?

Cause i felt like it! well, wouldn't you throw up after getting punctured with a needle a billion times??? i mean, i would throw up at the fact that i am getting punctured with a needle...

Did the Gestapo throw babies up in the air and shoot?

Yes, they did throw babies up in the air and shoot them with machine guns like a target.

Do Austrian people ever throw up?

Like people from any country in the world, people from Austria do get sick. Sometimes they may throw up. So yes, people in Austria do throw up occasionally.

How do you increase your fastball velocity?

first you look up high than throw the ball.