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Q: What do you do with the rare vegetable set that Ellen gives you in mysims kingdom?
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Who is the bad guy in mysims kingdom?

In MySims Kingdom DS the 'bad guy' is Dr Nefario. He is the one who took all of the objects and houses from the town and has a U.F.O (which he gives to Roland).

Build Roxie's Cow Pen on MySims Kingdom?

first, complete the scroll that Roxie gives you, then make the pen with the matching wooden arches and the stair case

Where do you get the scuba diving suit on mysims?

you go to the mayor and she gives it to you

How do you build gondola the base mysims kingdom?

To build the gondola base you need the plans, which Emily gives to you when she notices that is is missing. You then have to take the plans to Torajiro, whose house is in the Mangrove Forest. He then tells you to back over to the Gondola Base and then he builds it!

How do you unlock the house in mysims agents?

After you beat the gme and catch thief v mr. Hopkins gives you the key to that house.

What vegetable can help your eye?

carrot is the vegetable that gives a glow to the eyes and a sparking white colour to the eye too.

Why are donuts fried in vegetable oil?

Its easier to make them soft friend if in vegetable oil.. Gives it a richer taste.

How do you beat Spokane in mysims kingdom?

I assume you are on the 'Grandma Ruthie' haunted house task and scroll. That is where I got stuck actually. You must complete both scrolls to do so (the Grandma Ruthie's haunted house' scroll and the other one that she gives you.) Then go to Grandma Ruthie and she will have a task for you. Then you may continue on.

When does Lyndsay repay you for the golden pickaxe on mysims agents ds DS?

She gives you birthstones (diamond,emrald,etc.) that are worth 10,000 dollars.

Mysims kingdom ds how do you get the thing torajiro wants?

Torajiro wants a machine that spits out wood and lumber. To get this you have to go to Dr F. He says that he was trying to make the Synth-O-Tron Mark II and that it went wrong and only creates wood and lumber. He then gives you the device and you can take it to Torajiro! :P

Is Ellen straight?

She's lesbian. Ellen DeGeneres is married to a lesbian that is also a famous actress. Ellen has her own talk show, and you may believe that she is lesbian because she gives every male a welcome kiss.

How do you get all the armor pieces in mysims kingdom wii?

here's a link: