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live with it

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Q: What do you do if your private hurts?
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How does road salt hurts the animals?

it stings their private parts ^-^

What does it mean when your private part hurts a lot?

It means something is wrong with you and you should see a doctor soon.

Pain below your belly button right above your private area and it even hurts in the right side of your butt?

Go to the doctor

How do you find out if you have damaged your back?

if it hurts if it hurts

When was Hurts created?

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What is an anagram for she hurts?

The anagram for the phrase "she hurts" is thrushes.This is the only available anagram for the phrase "she hurts".

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I can see a sign of sadness in your eye's, where there was gladness, there's not a smile (When something breaks your heart) it also breaks mine, (When something makes you cry) there's two of us cryingcause, when I help you baby, I'm helping myself, whatever hurts you baby,(hurts) I know I know it hurts me too.... So let me try and bring a smile back to your face, let me hold you darling in a tight tight embrace cause, when I help you baby, I'm helping myself, what, what ever hurts you baby(background) hurts, I know I know it hurts me too, what ever hurts you baby baby hurts, hurts me too, hurts me so bad baby baby, what ever hurts you baby baby hurts hurts me too.......

When having a gallbladder attack does it hurt to breathe in?

yes, it does! its like someone is squeezing your stomach, your heart, and back. it hurts to breathe, it hurts to move, it hurts to talk. it just hurts!

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No, hurts is a verb (an action word).

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