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But first remember the number and make of the car that is responsible.

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Q: What do you do if you witness a hit and run accident?
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Who should one alert if one witnesses a hit and run accident?

If one witnesses a hit and run accident they should first alert the ambulance service to get medical treatment to that person. They should then alert the police to provide a witness statement.

What is the sentencing for hit and run in Miami dade county for a hit and run accident?

It wouldn't be an accident if it were a hit and run, but it would be 20 years.

What can be done to Prove your innocence in hit and run car accident when your not there but they have your car number plate number?

If you have a reliable witness that can testify where you were when the accident occurred, or can testify that someone else had your car at the time, that will help.

What is the legal charge in Texas for a hit and run accident?

"Leaving The Scene of an Accident" and "Hit and Run" seem to be used interchangeably.

Who is responsible for contacting police about a hit and run accident in a school parking lot when reported to school officials by students who witnessed the incindent?

It is the students responsibility The school officials would be responsible but if they don't report it, a witness or the victim of the hit-and-run should report it.

Hit and run car accident-If i file a police report for hit and run car accident will the accident show up in my car history?

no from dertster on runescape dante rea life

How do you say in English when some driver has hit someone and they run from the place of the accident?


You had an accident and left the seen of the accident?

You have just committed the crime of hit and run.

How does the insurance cover after a hit and run accident if i don't't have the license plate number?

Sometimes a deductible will cover a hit and run accident if the driver does not have the license plate number. More often than not, they will not cover the accident because there is no proof of the accident.

Why does a Car run then stop when you hit the gas?

Maybe you hit the brakes by accident?

A License plate has 3 letters and 3 digits in that order A witness to a hit and run accident saw the first 2 two letters and last one digit If the digits and letters can be repeated?


How do you make a sentence with verb witness?

Did you witness the accident?