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If there are no witnesses and he did it on a water buffolo gun and shoot him.

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Q: What do you do if you're hit by a giant water buffalo in a parking lot with no witnesses?
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Can Humans eat Water Buffalo?

Yes. Domestic water buffalo are not only raised for their draft work, but also for meat and milk.

What do water buffalo?

Water buffalo eat grasses primarily.

What do water buffalo eat?

Water buffalo eat grasses primarily.

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4. But everyone has a Water Buffalo.

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a yak is from Tibet and china the water buffalo is from Africa.

Is the buffalo an indigenous animal to South Africa?

The Cape Water Buffalo is, this is not the same as the Aisan Water Buffalo or American Bison (aslo sometimes called a Buffalo)

What is the history or the water buffalo?

Buffalo prey's on plants

What is the structural adaptation of water buffalo?

the the horns on top of water buffalo to defend or attack

Is a water buffalo different from a buffalo?

No, they are two separate species: Cape Buffalo are from Africa and possess the scientific name Syncerus caffer and Water Buffalo are from Asia, with the scientific name Bubalus bubalis. Cape Buffalo are also larger and more muscular than water buffalo, and look quite different from Water Buffalo. For instance: A cape buffalo's horns come together at the poll and curve out and up on either side of their heads. A water buffalo's horns grow more to the back of the animal. The Cape Buffalo can also bellow like domestic cattle, along with a series of other vocalizations. Water buffalo only make grunting sounds.Please see the related links below for more information.

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