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You still go through all the motions on your end and hopefully you took their information from them which is also given to your insurance company along with any pertinent information such as a police report etc. and they end up contacting theirs. Definately still do your claim (if that is what you want to do) as they won't get away with not reporting it.

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Q: What do you do if someone hits your car and does not file the claim?
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What do you do if somebody hits your parked car?

You file a report claim.

What should be done if someone hits your vehicle while opening their door and dents your car?

You have five options: 1). You can gather their insurance information and file a claim against their policy. 2). You can file a claim on your own policy and pay your collision deductible. 3). You can have the other party pay out of pocket for the damages. 4). You can pay the damages your self. 5). You can not fix your car.

How long do you have to file car insurance claim in Kentucky?

You have 10 days to file a claim with your insurance company.

What happens not your fault someone hits your car but does not phone their insurance company?

You can always file a claim on their policy. If they do not cooperate with their insurance company, the company has to give them the state required days to respond before they make a ruling on fault.

Do you have to call your insurance company after an accident where your car has no damage?

no you dont. if you do not with to file a claim you do not have to report it no you dont. if you do not with to file a claim you do not have to report it

Can you file an insurance claim if your parked unregistered car got hit by a car with insurance?

It is always the at-fault party's responsiblity to pay for damages they cause in an accident. If you know who hit your car then contact their insurance company and file the claim. If you do not know who did it and you have collision coverage on your car, you can file the claim through your own insurer.

If someone hits your car and you don't know who it is?

File a report with the local police agency and report it to your insurance company.

If you hit something while driving your car what kind of claim do you file?

a collision claim

Claim bankruptcy of your car for dwi lost?

can file bankrupcy if i lose my car

If someone hits your car and they're at fault but never turn it into their ins co does their ins co still pay for your repairs?

You can call his insurance company and file the claim. Just let them know one of their policyholders caused an accident. His insurance company will not pay unless they're aware of the claim.

What can you do if your neighbors dent your car?

File a report and insurance claim.

What legal actions can be taken against someone who damages your car with sprayed foam in Omaha, NE?

You can file a claim with your local Omaha police. The police will then find the person and you can file a civil suit for damages to your car which is filed in the courthouse.