What do molars help do?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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the molars help to rip the food before swolling

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Q: What do molars help do?
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What part do molars play in a cows feeding pattern?

Molars help cattle chew their feed or fodder.

What is being done to help the endangered gorilla species?

there molars

What jobs do first molars have?

They are just part of your teeth- they help you chew, etc.

Do your molars grow back?

Adult molars do not grow back. Infant molars are replaced by adult molars, so in a sense, infant molars do grow back.

What do canines help us to do?

tear and ripe things like meat and such just like your molars help grind your food....

What kind of human teeth are best for grinding food?

the large flat molars in the back of your mouth

What are examples of animals that has molars?

Elephants are animals which have molars

What tooth is designed for grinding while chewing?

The molars The molars

Is the goat has flat molars?

yes goats and sheep have flat molars.

Do you have baby molars?

Yes,I have baby molars

How are a rodent's incisors and a horse's molars alike?

.there molars keep groing

Can you lose molars?

yes, you can lose your molars just like any other tooth. You want to lose your baby molars, but not the adult teeth.