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Q: What do girls feel when after sex?
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How do girls feel during sex?

Bored hungry and self conscious

How the girls feel about sex?

The girls, they feel, or some of them feel, that it's scary. Some irls might have overprotective dads and are scared on the thought of what the dad would do. And, if they are a virgin, they might be scared on how it would feel.

Why do girls who are 15 think sex is bad?

They don't. They might not feel ready to have sex with someone else though. At the age of 15 the majority masturbates.

What does girls want in sex?

She wants you to pay attention to what lingerie covers. Touch her. Make her feel sexy.

Does sex feel the same for guys and girls?

i dont really know right now but i am pretty sure its not

How do you feel like your having hard core sex?

if you mean how does it feel it feels quick and rough. some people love it especially on a girls g spot. it's sometimes called rough sex.

Does sex feel better for girls or guys?

Usually for girls it feels better, but it can also feel the worst for girls. I think guys get the advantage, but if it feels good for girls, it would be the best.

Why do girls like the lights off during sex?

The girl might be a little self conscious with her appearance and feel more confident having sex with the lights off.

Do girls love to moan when they are having intercourse?

yes that gives a great feel of excitement and makes sex more nice.Its good to moan and that will lead to a good sex.

Why do girls like it for boys to pull there hair during sex?

bacause its kind of rought n feel good//

I feel sick because im playing sex games online adn there about girls stripping and to do with sex i want to stop my self but its fun what do i do?

try playing other games

What is love 146?

Love 146 is an organization that helps young girls that are sold in sex trade, they build safe homes where the girls will feel safe, go to