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First, go back in time to the early 20th century or before when that was considered a semi-reasonable thing for a non-crazy person to do.

The general form of address for general delivery is:

Your Name
General Delivery
Your City, State Zipcode-9999

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Q: What do I need to do to get my mail delivered to my local post office for General Delivery pickup?
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Can you FedEx the books to me today?

I'm unable to physically send items. If you need the books delivered, you can contact a courier service like FedEx to arrange for a pickup and delivery.

Can a company charge you delivery charge if they never delivered the item?

If they attempted to deliver at a scheduled time and were unable to due to something on your end, they could charge that delivery fee and a redelivery fee for the new delivery. This is why you need to read the fine print, especially if you're dealing with unionized LTL or pickup & delivery carriers.

Are floral shops something one would find in India?

Yes, and there is also the option to buy flowers online and have them delivered to homes in India. There is a wide variety of flowers and gifts available for delivery or pickup.

What is pickup and delivery problem in dynamic routing?

computer networking

Is the post office open sunday?

Yes, the post office processes mail on Sunday. Mail is always moving. But, not on national hoildays, though. However, the mail does not move as quickly on Saturday/Sunday. For example, a letter delivered to a Saturday 5PM pickup box will not make it to a destination on Monday, that would normally be delivered to the next day, if it were mailed from that same box at the prior day 10AM pickup.

Where can one order digital prints to be delivered the next day?

Walgreens online can process your digital camera pictures in a variety of sizes, and have the option of next day delivery. Shutterfly offers the print service with local pickup at available locations.

Is there a Sunday mail pickup at post office?


How long for a letter to be delivered from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania?

If you send the letter via first class mail, it should take no more than three business days to reach its destination. "Business days" as far as the USPS is concerned are Monday - Saturday, excluding national holidays. It may also take an extra day if you drop the letter off at the post office after their last pickup for that day has been made.

Where can I buy a podium for my office online?

Podiums are available for purchase from many online stores. You may search Amazon or Ebay for discounts on podiums. Also, you may do a web search to find retailers in your area that sell podiums for local pickup or delivery.

What are some tips for getting the best service when sending Valentine's Day flowers?

It is advisable to phone and book the services of a florist in advance, due to the high demand immediately before Valentine's Day. Also, when asked for pickup or delivery, choose a pickup service, to avoid waiting all day for delivery.

What does sack accept or pickup mean in the DHL mail tracking?

It apparently means that DHL has transferred the package to another carrier for local delivery. DHL tracking ends at that point. In my case, final delivery was by USPS, and the small package appeared in my mailbox two days after the "SACK ACCEPT OR PICKUP" date.

Where can one obtain Mail Call services?

Mail Call services can be found at your local UPS store, Post office, and Fedex locations. They provide services for all your shipping needs from pickup, to delivery, to packaging tape, to boxes, whatever you need to ship it they have with Mail Call.