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Government Employees Insurance COmpany

It originally only sold insurance to employees of the US Federal Government.

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Q: What did the letters GEICO stand for in the name of the insurance company?
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What does the acronym Geico stand for?

Government Employee Insurance Company

What does GEICO stand for?

15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.

What do the initials Geico stand for?

The initials GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. The founder was Leo Goodwin who first took military and government employees but the business later caught all kinds of customers. The history of GEICO goes back to the depression in America in the 1930's. At this time, Leo and his wife came up with a concept of a company with the thought that they could prove it to be a successful insurance business catering to motors. he came up with a strong business plan and finally established GEICO as a company in the year 1936.

What company do the letters aig stand for?

AIG stands for the American International Group and their primary role is an automobile insurance provider.

What do the letters NFIP stand for?

The letters NFIP stand for the National Flood Insurance Program. This is an insurance program run by the government organization FEMA that allows for the insuring of various properties.

What do the letters FDIC stand for in relation to a bank?

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

What do the letters NRC stand for?

The letters NRC stand for National Research Council but can also stand for National Research Company, and National Research Chapter but these are not right.

What does AIS Insurance stand for?

AIS from the name of the auto insurance company stands for Auto Insurance Specialists. AIS is an acronym that stands for Associate in Insurance and is completely separate from AIS insurance company.

What do the letters FFL stand for?

The letters FFL stand for a Federal Firearms License. This is a license that enables an individual or a company to legally manufacture firearms or ammunition.

What does LIC stand for?

LIC stands for Life Insurance Corporation of India. It is the largest Insurance company in India.

What do the letters CISOC stand for?

The letters CISOC stand for Cultural Interpretation Services for Our Communities. CISOC is a company that offers a high quality of cultural language services.

What does the insurance company name Aflac stand for?

Aflac stands for: American Family Life Assurance Company