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Q: What compassion for others and depth in intimate relationships most indicate spiritual emotional mental or social health?
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What is the significance of having Saturn ketu and moon in seventh house in vedic astrology?

Having Saturn, Ketu, and the Moon in the seventh house in Vedic astrology can indicate difficulties and challenges in partnerships and relationships. Saturn's presence may bring delays and obstacles, Ketu can create a sense of detachment and spiritual growth, and the Moon can cause emotional fluctuations and moodiness. This combination suggests that relationships may require extra effort, compromise, and emotional stability to overcome these challenges and achieve harmony.

How does Millard Fillmores spiritual life affect his term of office?

I doubt that it had much effect. Fillmore was not a religious or spiritual person. He did not quote scriptures or indicate that he was influenced by religion.

What do the pauses in the arsat's story which occur when he speaks diamelen indicate about arsat's emotional state?

He is worried and grieving

What do pauses in arsat's story which occur when he speaks of Diamelen indicate about arsat's emotional state?

He is worried and grieving

Are committed long term relationships more common with gay men or lesbians?

Several studies indicate that Lesbians tend to have longer relationships than gay men or heterosexual couples.

Is whispering to yourself a condition?

Whispering to oneself is not necessarily a problematic condition, and does not in itself indicate any mental or emotional dysfunction.

What do the pauses in arsats story which occur when he speaks of diamelen indicate about arsats emotional state?

He is worried and grieving

Is it a normal part of catholic tradition for priests to have relationships with little boys?

Priests have relationships with people of all ages, male and female. If you are using 'relationship' to indicate inappropriate sexual or romantic contact, the answer is no.

Different between gay relationship and straight relationship?

All straight/hetero relationships are not alike. Neither are all gay relationships. Both hetero and gay relationships can be built around sex, or companionship or mutual support, or love. There is evidence to indicate that gay men tend to have lots of casual sexual relationships. By mutual agreement, these relationships may be limited to sexual encounters. Of course, these relationships also occur between men and women. Many people eventually come to a place, though, where sex -- even great sex - isn't enough. We want companionship, emotional closeness, mutual support, a reliable companion on life's journey. The "plumbing" is incidental. Those of us who are lucky enough to find such relationships may be gay or hetero. Either way, we are blessed.

How do you say compassion in hawaiian?

Aloha: Say 'aloha'. Many hawai`ian words like this one have many, many meanings because so many of the words indicate a feeling rather than just a thing. For ex; don't think of aloha being love and aloha being compassion, think of what you must have inside in order to feel love and/or compassion; it's the same.

What signs indicate that your about to have your period?

Mood swings, sore breasts, upset stomach, diarrhoea, periodpain-like ache, being emotional, bloating.

What is its as a possessive adjective?

possessive adjectives are used to show what belongs to whom and to describe relationships . the indicate the owner and are placed before thing possesed....