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There are many, many insurance companies who sell homeowners insurance in the state of Georgia. It gets a little harder at the coast as in every state. Homeowners insurance itself is a little harder to get in the past few years because of the losses that insurance companies have had. It goes in cycles whereas insurance companies want more auto insurance for a while then home insurance and then back in forth again. You sometimes have better luck placing both your auto and home insurance with the same company if you are having trouble now. I own an insurance agency in Middle Georgia and recommend that you go to an Independent Agency who handles many different companies and are not just subject to the practices of a single company.

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Q: What companies sell homeowners insurance in GA?
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Where can one purchase car insurance in Valdosta GA?

There are many different options for car insurance in Valdosta. Insurance companies that are available are: Allstate Insurance, Farm Bureau Insurance, Mercury Insurance and Kelly Insurance Agency.

How can I find health insurance in GA?

The best thing to do would be to ask your doctor which providers they take, then go from there. A lot of companies, like Nationwide, also do health insurance.

How long does a DUI affect insurance in GA?

The norm is 5 years. Car rental companies will sometimes go 7 years.

Can you get homeowners insurance in GA with a claim 2 months ago and a lapse about 1.5 months ago...Where would you go for such a thing?

You can contact any insurance company of your choice. Some companies will accept you and Some will not due to your lapse in coverage, and now prior claims history. The best option would have been to continue your previous coverage. Many homeowners make this same mistake in letting their policy lapse while a claim is pending. With a lapse in your coverage as well as a claim you will likely be paying more for your policy than you did in the past.

Where in Atlanta GA can you find direct insurance?

Ask FLO. They have progressive. Or statefarm. They are good credit companies that i recommend you use. They have good insurance and you save HUNDREDS of dollars each month.

Can i get auto insurance with out of state license with nc auto insurance?

I'm not sure I completely understand your question but I hope this helps. Firstly, you have to purchase insurance in the state where you reside. If you move from Georgia to North Carolina for instance your Georgia insurance policy will meet the minimum requirements for NC but when the policy comes up for renewal it will be non-renewed and you will have to purchase insurance in NC. Most likely the premium will be increased on the GA policy due to you living in a state where they do not normally do business. Using our example, most insurance companies will sell you a policy in NC if you recently moved there with your GA license for a period of time but expect you to change it over within a reasonable time.

How do you obtain a license to sell title insurance in Georgia?

== == Applications and general information for individual producers and agencies (resident and non-resident) can be found at the GA site:

How do people in the ridge and valley region of Georgia make money?

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Where can one go to purchase GA Health Insurance online?

One can purchase GA Health Insurance online via the State of Georgia website, that lists approved insurers in the state. Alternatively one can use insurance comparison sites.

Who took over Praetorian Mutual Life Insurance Company?

State Mutual Insurance Company out of Rome, Ga