What cleans your blood?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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The Kidneys clean the blood of toxins. Medically a Dialysis machine can also do this.

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Q: What cleans your blood?
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What cleans blood and makes urine?

The kidneys make urine. The liver cleans your blood.

What organs cleans the blood and stores food energy?

lever stores food energy and cleans our blood

Does vinigar cleans the blood of weed?


What does a clam do?

cleans and filters blood

What cleans out poisons in blood and takes vitamins out of the blood?

small intestine

What organs cleans and filters your blood?

The Kidneys.

What organ filters and cleans blood?

The Kidneys.

What in your body cleans your blood?

Liver and kidneys.

Which part of body cleans blood?

The part of the body that cleans blood is the kidney.

Which organ works like a filter and cleans the blood?

The kidneys filter the blood.

How does the kidney keep the body healthy?

It cleans the blood

What does the liver do in the body system?

it cleans and filters blood