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If you like that show, watch Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.

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Q: What channel is The Haunting on?
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What channel is A Haunting'' on?

In UK and Ireland it's on Discovery Channel

What channel does A Haunting come on?

It is usually on Channel 39 or you could find it in discovery channel.

What time does a haunting come on discovery channel?

mostly a haunting will come on 3.00pm,3.30pm or 4.00pm and 12.00pm,12.30pm in discovery channel in india

What time can you see the haunting on discovery channel?


What channel is A Haunting'' on in US?

There are a couple shows that go by that title. Animal Planet has their new haunting series and then everybody's favorite A Haunting that airs on Discovery and The Learning Channel. The latter series has not been run recently as a series. One episode titled A Haunting In Georgia aired around Halloween time but I haven't seen any since then.

Why dont they show a haunting on Discovery Channel anymore?

They recently started airing the reruns again.

In A Haunting in Connecticut does the evil spirit overtake the body of the boy?

In the Discovery Channel documentary A Haunting in Connecticut, the evil spirit does possess the boy (Matt), which leads him to attack his cousin.** SPOILER WARNING FOR THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT**In the film The Haunting in Connecticut, the spirit of the clairvoyant boy Jonah possesses Matt Campbell's body, but Jonah was not an evil spirit.

Where I can watch all episodes of Discovery Channel s show A Haunting in Hindi online I want to watch it only in Hindi please suggest a site?

you can by a haunting episode dvd on if you have money .idiot!

IS a Haunting still on discovery?

A Haunting does still air on the Discovery Channel as well as Investigation Discovery as well as Discovery Science in the UK, however, they are reruns as the show ended at the end of it's fourth season.

What is The Haunting in Connecticut based on?

The Haunting in Connecticut is (loosely) based on the purportedly true story of a family whose eldest son fell ill with cancer, causing them to move to a house in Connecticut that had at one point been a mortuary. There is a documentary by Discovery Channel called A Haunting in Connecticut that chronicles the story from the actual family's perspective.

What channel is A Haunting on using dish network in the USA?

It looks like The Haunted is aired on The Animal Planet, which is channel 184 on DISH Network. You can do a search on your receiver to find the dates and time when the program will be shown.

What are the release dates for A Haunting - 2005 A Haunting in Ireland - 3.5?

A Haunting - 2005 A Haunting in Ireland - 3.5 was released on: USA:2 November 2006