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26 (regular cable)

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Q: What channel is ABC on regular tv?
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What is the TV channel for ABC in the US?

ABC can be on any channel in different markets (cities).

What channel is the ama's on for direct tv?

Abc (channel 4)

Which alphabet is TV channel?


Which TV chain is showing the Oscar?

ABC Channel

What channel will greys anatomy be on?

The television show Greys Anatomy airs on channel ABC.

What channel is ABC in Philadephia?

Look at the TV LISTINGS in the Newspaper.

What channel is the tv show all your children on?

ABC weeknights

What does the TV channel ABC stand for?

Austrailian Broadcasting Coporation

What channel on Australian TV?

There are many different Television shows. The ones that are free to air in Australia are Channel 7 Channel 9 Channel 10 ABC and SBS

What channel is ABC on in ga?

Check the TV LISTINGS in the local newspaper.

What channel is the NBA?

Espn, Espn 2, ABC and NBA tv

What is the digital channel for ABC?

81-6 on my television. Henderson, Colorado :)