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Monday night raw is on channel 242.

Friday night Smack down is on channel 244.

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WWE NXT is not shown on direct tv in America.

It is currently shown online via Hulu Plus.

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Q: What channel does WWE NXT come on in direct tv?
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What channel is WWE nxt?


What channel does WWE nXt come on?

nxt comes on syfy at 10:00 on tuesdays like ecw use to

What channel is WWE NXT on with Comcast?

NXT is on the WWE website. (See related link for the URL)

What channle is WWE nxt on?

NXT is on frome 7-8pm

How do you be come a WWE supetstar?

you have to win NXT to become a WWE superstar (ex.NXT season2 NXT season 4)

What channel is WWE nxt on twc?

it comes on usa tuseday at 330pm

Does WWE come out on Thursday?

Raw - Mondays NXT - Tuesdays Superstars - Thursdays Smackdown - Fridays

What sow is WWE nxt on?

WWE NXT is shown on

What is the duration of WWE NXT?

The duration of WWE NXT is 3600.0 seconds.

Will there be a WWE nxt championship?

No nxt is like a try out and to get to the top of wwe nxt will be over sometime and ecw will be back......

When did WWE NXT end?

WWE NXT ended on 2010-11-30.

When was WWE NXT created?

WWE NXT was created on 2010-02-23.