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Q: What celebrity would be like Poseidon?
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What celebrity represents Poseidon?

There are actors who have played Poseidon, but none "represents" him.

Which celebrity would which celebrity would Louis most like to swap place with?

Olly Murs

How do you write Poseidon's name in Greek letters?

Well, Poseidon has a different spelling for his name in Greek but if it is just Poseidon in English in Greek letters it would be: Ποσειδών Poseidon And if you are Greek, you would spell it like: Ποσειδώνας Poseidon Not much of a difference though.

What did Poseidon want to see?

poseidon would like to see people believing in him for once

Which celebrity would you like to be spanked by?

Justin Beaver

Why did Poseidon used to use to create havoc for and cause destruction to humans?

when poseidon would get mad he would cause destruction...kinda like bipolar people

What was Poseidon's childhood like?

Poseidon's childhood was like no other. Poseidon's father was afraid that one of this sons were going to dethrone him so he would swallow them at birth Aracdains say that when Poseidon was born his mother declared to her husband that she had giving birth to a horse. by" Keylee Floyd

If you are a celebrity do you need to get really good grades in school?

No celebrity would like people everywhere to think he / she is a hopeless dummy.

What is it called when you look like a celebrity?

When you look like a celebrity, you are a celebrity look-alike.

Which older female celebrity would you like to see in a thong?

all of them

How would you translate Poseidon into Spanish?


Which celebrity would be and why?

I would be the singer sia cause my name sia and I like her songs tbh