What causes you to be tired?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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It could be because you are not getting enough sleep. However if you are getting enough sleep and you are still tired you need to see your doctor because that could be a sign of a medical condition.

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Q: What causes you to be tired?
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What causes a snake to hibernate?

cause it gets tired

What part of the eye causes your eyes to feel tired?

Your eyelids.

Why are you so tired with this cold that you have?

you are so tired because all your white blood cells are trying to fight off the cold and it causes you to be tired because they use energy.

How do the whales rest when they are tired?

They rest when they are tired by smelling their own farts.They enjoy it so much, it's what causes pollution.

What causes bacteria to decrease?

It gets tired of being bacteria and dies.

What causes a muscle to get tired?

Because muscles have such a hard task. The only muscle in your body that does not get tired is your cardiac muscle also known as your HEART

Why do you feel thirsty when tired?

You are probably mildly dehydrated which then causes you to feel tired. Drink water regularly, especially when it is hot, even if you are mostly inside.

What causes involuntary close together eye movement?

Smooth muscles

Why do people feel tired after eating roasted turkey?

Turkey is known to contain L-tryptophan, which is an amino acid which causes tiredness in humans, and this is the main reason for people to feel tired after eating turkey.

Why causes you to feel tired after a meal?

After a meal the brain delivers more blood to the digestive system, leaving the rest of the body (including the muscles) with less blood. Low blood pressure makes you feel tired

IS Having a sex causes weakness?

Not at all. You just feel tired afterwards but it passes if you just stay awake for 10 minutes.

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