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Car insurance that pays for your injuries when you're in an

accident in your car is

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Q: What car insurance pays for your injuries when you're in anaccident in your car is?
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Car insurance that pays for your injuries when you're in an accident in your car is?

C. medical

What does the term 'insurance collision' mean?

Insurance collision is a form of automobile insurance that covers physical damage. In most situations the insurer pays for the insured injuries, damage to the vehicle of the insured, and if the insured is at fault it pays for the damage to the other vehicle, and the other driver.

If a child is hurt riding someone else's mini bike on some one else's property whose insurance pays for the injuries?

The property owner is responsible for injuries on their own property.

Can you be sued after car insurance pays?

Yes, if the person that you hit feels that there was not enough payout. Or there injuries where life treating or there injuries are keeping them from ever returning to work or live a normal life.

Why would you be charged more for pl pd if you don't have any medical insurance?

I think you are referring to PIP coverage? There may be some states that surcharge if you do not have medical insurance as PIP pays for injuries, or death in an auto accident. Most states and insurance companies offer a discount if you do have medical insurance as your medical insurance can also pay for your injuries. Many PIP policies only pay a % of injuries up to a maximum of $10,000.

Whose insurance pays when a 16 year old totals a friend's car if she had permission and the friend was with her but neither had serious injuries?

insurance stays with the car......if collision coverage on the vehicle it would pay......

If you are a passenger in another persons automobile and you sustain injuries in an accident whose insurance pays for medical bills?

The insurers of the driver who was deemed to be at fault for the accident.

Can a driver with points get pip insurance in Ohio?

Ok, Personal Injury Protection, (PIP), is the name of the coverage which pays for your injuries after a car accident, it is something we sign up for when we start our car insurance policies. In order to figure out if you have Personal Injury Protection, start with a call to your insurance company. They can tell you in this first call if you have medical coverage for your injuries.

Who pays for unemployment insurance in Illinois?

The employer pays a percentage of payroll as unemployment insurance premiums.

Does secondary insurance cover or pay copays of primary insurance?

The secondary insurance cover both pays and co-pays of the primary insurance depending with the insurance company.

Who pays if you wreck your car?

If you wreck your car, then it is usually the insurance that pays for you ;)

What insurance pays claims on judgments?

It would depend on many factors. Most of the time it is not insurance that pays out on Judgments, the person losing the suit pays, or the corporation that lost.