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If you have a loss worth suing someone for you would not have to try to figure out what to sue for. This is ridiculous. If the other party who hit you has insurance they will take care of your damages and that's it.

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Q: What can you sue for after being hit from behind?
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Why do people file a lawsuit after being hit from behind in an auto accident?

Because the person who hit them is at fault and with rear end accident there is usually medical bills and pain involved with the people who were hit. They have the right to sue to recover from the accident.

Can you get a lawyer to sue your ex-boyfriend for lying about being married in now a baby is involved?

Yes, sure you can. You can sue him for harassing you even after being married and get him behind the bars easily. But you need to have a proof that he was in a relationship with you, it may be texts and call records.

Can the driver who hits you from behind with no insurance sue you for injuries because you have insurance?

People sue today for anything and everything. The question is could he win a lawsuit from someone he hit in the rear. In 2005 I would say anything is possible.

Can you sue for being sucker punched?

No you can't sue for being sucker punched.

Who should you sue in a car accident?

If you caused the crash, you can't sue anybody and win. You will obviously lose- you caused the accident. If you were hit by the car and were doing everything right, then sue the person who hit you.

Who do you sue if you get hit by a car?

the insurance company!

Can you sue a person if they hit you in your vehicle at a stoplight causing damage?

I don't think you can sue a person if they hit your vehicle but you sure can yell at them! No violence though, please!

Can the abs light turn on a volkswagen after being hit from behind?

Yes - as the sensor could get damaged in the collision.

Do you have to tell your insurance if you were sleepy when you hit a deer?

No, as long as you were not sleeping behind the wheel. Being sleepy is not a crime.

Can you sue the parking lot owner if you hit a car because the lot was overcrowded?

Accept responsibility for your actions. You hit a car because you either can't drive or you weren't being careful enough. That is your fault, not the fault of an overcrowded parking lot. Of course you can sue anyone for anything, but is that the proper thing to do. I think not.

Can you sue an apartment complex for being robbed on their property?

No,but you can sue whoever robbed you

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