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Due to the fact that no specific activity is specified, I presume you just mean in everyday life.

Using less energy can be achieved by lack of movement, eating easy to digest foods, (as digestion can use a lot of energy) and keeping yourself warm enough, so energy is not used in excess to try and maintain the body's optimum temperature.

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Q: What can you do to use less energy?
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Why does saving energy save money?

this is because u use less energy. LESS ENERGY = LESS TO PAY

Do energy star dishwashers use less electricity or water or both?

Energy Star dishwashers use less electricity, although they generally use less water as well.

Why will fossil and nuclear fuels last longer if we also use renewable energy resources?

The more renewable energy we use the less non-renewable energy we use. And if we use less of it, it'll last longer.

How do you save money and energy?

Sure. Most forms of energy that we use, we have to pay for one way or another. Use less, pay less.

Should you use less solar energy?

If I had access to solar energy I would use more of it.

How do you encourage people to use less energy?

use no power

Do predators use more or less energy than producers?


Which uses less energy LCD or plasma?

LCD monitors use far less energy then plasma monitors.

Why are dual flush toilets energy saving?

Because to the extent there is less use of water you have to pump less and so less energy consumed.

Do you pay less to use wind energy?

if you make your own energy from wind.

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Why should you use an energy-saving bulb instead of a filament bulb?

You can use an energy-saving bulb to save energy. Obviously an energy-saving bulb uses energy, but it uses less than the old sort - about 80% less. In saving energy you will have lower bills to pay for the energy you use, and the environment also benefits because less CO2 is released into the atmosphere at your nearest power plant.