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Scrub with a toothbursh or get a specialist tongue cleaner. Depending on the nature of the spots on the tongue, it can indicate poor general health or infections like Syphilis.

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Q: What can you do to remove brown spots off your tongue?
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Yes it does with a some lemon squeeze it will get the stain off

Does listerine cause black spots on tongue?

Yes it does. And after repeated use - 2-3 months - your balls drop off.

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depnends if you shower

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Both, the reddish spots are rust and a chemical change. You will also find (after you have rubbed off the rust) that the surface of the knife is pitted. These pits are a physical changed caused by the chemical reaction.

How can you get your Lowrance face clean it has water spots on the glass and will not come off you get marine cleaner and it does not work?

Most commercial cleaners will not effectively remove water spots. If the item really is glass, use white vinegar to wipe the spots off. This should dissolve the water spots quite effectively. Simply apply with a soft cloth straight from the bottle. Rinse with plain water.