What can you do on a sleep over?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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u can ...

prank call

pillow fight

play on the wii or ps3

troth or dear

watch some moves with ur friends

do blind folded make over's

tell scary story's

have a fashon show

play a prank on some 1

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Q: What can you do on a sleep over?
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When you have your first sleep over at a party do you have to have others?

If you don't have others, it isn't a sleep over; you're just going to sleep after your party.

What is a sleep over party?

a sleep over party is when you invite some of your friends over to your house to have a kind of slumber party.

How to say 'can they sleep over' in Korean?

' 그들은 잘 수 ' ' 그들은 잘 수 ' = 'can they sleep over'

What 2 do a sleep over?

* * * * * * *

Does over the counter sleep aid cause weight gain?

No, over the counter sleep aids will not cause weight gain.

I can't sleep now what should I do?

You could take over-the- counter sleep aids to help you sleep if you are having trouble and can't sleep.

How do you say can we can sleep over in spanish?

It would be more proper to say "Can we spend the night" "Podemos pasar la noche" Podemos durmir alla (Can we sleep over there) Podemos durmir aca (Can we sleep over here) Podemos durmir Alli (Can we sleep there - in that spot) Podemos durmir aqui (can we sleep here - in this spot)

What do tortiose sleep on?

over tortioses

Is over sleeping good?

well it is good but you should sleep over if you met the kid and been hanging out with him over a year

What is sleep debt?

Sleep debt is the difference between the amount of sleep that you should get compared the amount of sleep that you actually get. Over time, the lack of sleep can cause serious health problems.

Over 50 percent of individuals with sleep apnea suffer from what condition?

over 50 percent of people with sleep apnea suffer from what condition?

What are the reasons for not getting enough sleep?

It could be stress over work, you sleep to long, or it could be a sleep disorder but there are many things.