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You can buy a house, a car, a new flat screen television, or an airplane ticket. There's a lot of things that you can buy with more than one hundred dollars.

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Q: What can you buy with more than a hundred dollars?
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What is the quantity in this sentence a hundred dollars does not buy a lot of groceries now?

THE quantity? It looks like there are two. a hundred dollars is a specific quantity of dollars. A lot of groceries is an indefinite or unspecified quantity, but it is a quantity. It is greater than nothing, and less than a store full.

What can you do with four hundred dollars?

Buy a LOT of gum.

How many Jordan's can you buy for a million dollars?

You Can Buy Over 100 Hundred Vans With Six Millions Dollars.

If I buy 1 share for Fifty dollars how long would it take to make five hundred dollars?

it is highly unlikely that the stock you buy will increase to five hundred dollars a share as long as you live.

How much does eye wrinkle cream cost?

It depends on what kind you want. You can buy some at Wal-Mart for around ten dollars or you can buy more high end creams for a hundred to two hundred.

What is the average price range for vintage Kitchen Aid mixers?

The average price range for vintage Kitchen Aid mixers go for three hundred dollars or more. It depends on where you buy the mixer, but they do range between two hundred and three hundred dollars.

Can I buy Nike Pegasus Men's shoes for less than one hundred dollars?

Yes, there are varieties of men's Nick Pegasus running shoes that sell for under one hundred dollars. Websites such as is one place that sells them at under one hundred dollars. They can also be found in sites such as ebay.

Is there medicated colored contacts?

Yes. You can buy them on the Internet from ten dollars to two hundred dollars.

If I buy a big screen tv that isn't a flat panel, how much will it cost on average?

If you go to craigslist you will be able to find them for less than five hundred dollars. If you want a new on you are looking to spend six hundred to eight hundred dollars at Walmart but they are really good televisions.

How can you spend one hundred thousand dollars?

With 100,000 dollars, you can buy 100,000 items at a dollar store.

What could you do with one hundred thousand dollars to make thousands more?

Buy yourself a money tree and hope it spreads seeds in your yard.

What does it cost to transport a body by air?

It will cost depending where you are flying from and where you are going to. You will have to buy a ticket that will cost two hundred dollars or more possibly.