What can honey be used for?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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TO find heracross and other pokemon

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Q: What can honey be used for?
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Why is honey used in medicines?

it honey dicks

What is honey water?

A honey drink is a drink where honey is used to sweeten it instead of sugar.

What do bees make?

Bees make honey, and wax. The wax is used to make candles. The honey is used to make your tea sweet!Honey

What instruments were played for the song Honey Honey?

Guitar and drums are the most common instruments that were used in the song Honey Honey.

What are honeybees used for?

Making honey. If you buy a jar of honey in a supermarket, it has been produced by honey bees.The uses for honey bees are to produce honey

Why is resorcinol used to test honey?

Resorcinol is used to test honey to see if sugar has been added to the honey. After adding the solution of resorcinol to the honey boil it, if the mixture turns red it means sugar is added and the honey is not pure.

Is honey wax harmful?

Men maid honey and wax is harmful.if we obesered real honey bee in lonly forest,this is only real honey,used for eyesiht,and wax is not used in humanuse,so honey wax is not harmful.

What is a honey crop?

The honey crop, or honey stomach, is a sac between the bee's oesophagus and its stomach. It is used for carrying nectar, water or honey. Nectar that is to be used for making honey does not go past the honey crop, so never actually enters the bee's digestive stomach.

What is necture used for?

The honey bee's use the necture to make honey.

Can honey be used for boys?

Honey is a nutritious sweet or sweetener, used in moderation, for boys, girls, and adults.

Can honey be used as a foot scrub?

Yes, honey can be used as a foot scrub. Mixing equal parts of honey and sugar can be used to remove dead skin from feet as well as elbows and knees.

What is the use of honey on leather?

Leather Honey is used on leather to condition and protect the leather. Leather Honey is a product, it is not the type of honey that people eat.