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one controlled variable could be using diffrent hylighters and seeing which one makes the water glow brighter.

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Q: What can be the controlled variable for making glowing water for a science fair?
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Controlled variable of the egg flotation?

it is when a egg float on the matter of something making it float.

What are the rules for making a variable in computer science?

you have to go up in steady process's

What is a good controlled science experiment for sixth graders that is inexpensive but not too easy?

a good science experiment for 6th graders that is fun is making insta snow its fun and inexpensive

What are the variables for milk making plastic?

The independent variable in milk making plastic experiment is vinegar. The dependent variable is the milk and the controlled variables are the materials used for comparison that all remained same during the experiment. e.g. bowl , water etc.

Scientifically what is a variable?

a scientific variable is something associated with science and how it could possibly have an affect on something e.g. a variable when testing how fast the salt disolves in the water, a variable would be that the water may not be the same temperature in each glass. this would have an affect on your experiment by making it an unfair test. If you were looking at posing a 'scientific' answer then you would have to use 'scientific' abbreviations.

What is the name for the science of making maps?

The science of making maps is called cartography.

Independent variable in air pressure experiment?

the independent variable is If you throw the ball in the air ,then you will make it in the hoop the indepent variable is making the basket.

What is cartography the science of?


What is variable in making scientific investigatory?

Anyhthng NOT a constant.

What does controlled experiment mean in science terms?

All science experiments are performed in a controlled manner which means, there will be a positive control, a negative control and importantly the subject sample(s) who's behavior is not known. The experimental observation must be positive with the positive control sample and negative with the negative control sample, no matter whatever the condition is. Only in this set up the result of a subject (which is the actual unknown experimental sample) would be considered as a faithful result.Any fault or irregularities of the controls will destroy the authenticity of an experiment.

What causes a lightbaulb to not stop glowing?

probably some voltage still making it's way to the bulb....

Is age an independent variable or a depnedent variable?

Age can be both an independent variable or a dependent variable, depending on the context of the study. In some cases, age may be manipulated or controlled by the researcher and therefore considered an independent variable. In other cases, age may be measured or observed as a factor that potentially influences other variables, making it a dependent variable.