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Internment camps

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Q: What camps were Japanese-Americans forced into during WW2?
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How many Japanese Americans were sent to detention camps in America during WW2?

There were 110,000 - 120,000 sent to the camps during WW2.

What were Jews forced to wear during ww2?

There was the Yellow Star decree which forced Jews in Germany to wear a yellow star, in other regions they had to wear a blue star on a white background. Most Jews in the camps had to wear a prisoner uniform.

Was there concentration camps during WW1?

No Hitler and the Nazis set them up i ww2 during the holocaust.

What was true about Japanese Americans in ww2?

Sadly there were 110,000 - 120,000 Japanese Americans sent to the internment camps during WW2.

How many pow camps did New York have in ww2?

According to New York had 20 POW camps in WW2

Why were interment camps used here in the us during ww2?

After Pearl Harbor the Japanese Americans were rounded up and put into interment camps. They lost businesses, farms, and homes.

Why were there so many military camps in Texas during ww2?

Because of available land and good year round weather

How many Holocausts were there in Europe?

Moslim against Christian. It still goes on Today. Look at Africa. in Germany, in WW2, there were about 1,500 including temporary camps. Not including the few-month long early camps of 1933-34. Not including camps for soviet prisoners or camps for forced labourers imported from eastern Europe to Germany.

When were Jews deported into concentration camps?


Was the Japanese happy about the internment camps?

No, the Japanese- Americans were not happy about the internment camps in WW2.

Were Chinese people placed into internment camps during ww2?

Allied civilians and possibly European Jewish refugees

How did liberation of concentration camps impact ww2?

The liberation of the concentration camps did not impact WW2 at all. POW camps and slave labour camps were also liberated, servicemen were able to return to their units, but that was the limit of the impact.