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Q: What brand does josh todd wear?
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What brand of sunglasses does josh hamilton wear?

Kaenon Polarized.

When was Josh Todd born?

Josh Todd was born on April 4, 1971.

What is Josh Todd's birthday?

Josh Todd was born on April 4, 1971.

What is josh todd's wife name?

Josh Todd's wife's name is Mitzi Martin

What brand of boots does Josh Turner wear?

Ariat, he is a spokes person for Ariat International.

Is Josh Todd Jewish?


How old is Josh Todd's son?

Josh Todd's son Jack was born in 2008. Josh also has a daughter Willow, born February 2006.

How tall is Josh Todd?

josh todd is 5"10...and sadly married=..[...jk I'm happy 4 him....=]

What brand of shirts does drake bell wear in drake and josh?

he wears really cool shrts check out drake and josh on nickolodean and nick reaply!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the lead singer of buckcherry?

Keith Nelson and Stevie D. Josh Todd also plays guitar occasionally.

What brand of batting gloves does Josh Hamilton wear?

Franklin. They are called Franklin Carbon Fibre II batting gloves.

Who is the composer of sweeny todd?

Josh B. Goderop