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It is virtually impossible to determine one company from another based on prefixes or suffixes of their policy numbers. Policy numbers are not standardized in any manner. Companies can use whatever policy numbers they wish and whichever sequence works within their operating systems. Different companies write different lines of business. Several auto companies use PA to start their policies that are "Personal Auto" policies and HO for "Homeowners" policies. Others just use numbers that don't mean anything. Some combination of numbers and letters may tell their people what kind of policy it is and what year it was issued. Some things tell the company how many times the policy was renewed such as SSA1134524-3 being renewed three times. Others just use completely random numbers that mean nothing in particular but differentiate one policy from another. One policy number may represent all the accounts of one policyholder whether they are auto, home, etc. I hope you understand that the numbers mean nothing to anyone except for that insurance company. Blue Cross used to use a person's social security number as their policy number, until it got to be bad business to publish peoples social secrutiy numbers. Then they changed to random numbers.

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Q: What auto insurance company in Florida has policy number that begin with 107?
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Contact your insurance company or your agent. They can find your insurance policy number by your social.

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You can call the insurance company and provide your policy number, and they can provide any details on your policy, or send a duplicate policy if the original was lost.

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A policy number is a number or combination of letter and number that designates that policy from all others within an insurance company.

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A policy number will be specific to one insurance company. However, it will not be recognizable to just anyone looking at it.

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That is a State Farm policy number.

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10 %

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Contact your insurance agent.