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Q: What area of the brain controls auditory reflexes?
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What do visual seizures consist of?

Auditory seizures affect the part of the brain that controls hearing and cause the patient to imagine voices, music, and other sounds.

What part of the brain is responsible for hearing?

The cerebrum controls all senses, memory, and the ability to learn. :) *Sound is processed in the auditory cortex according to my understanding. 2-9-11 HMS

Which part of the midbrain is responsible for hearing and visual reflexes?

Cerebrum That is a pretty broad area, true that the occipital lobe of the cerebrum is our vision center and the temporarl lobe houses our auditory center, neither of these necessarily controls our reflexes of these senses. I believe the answer that they were looking for is the corpora quadrigemina, part of the midbrain that contains the superior colliculi and the inferioror colliculi, which help us react to/analyze visual and auditory sensations that we encounter

What area brain distinguishing sound quality?

Primary auditory cortex

Where in the cerebral lobe could auditory area be located?

The auditory area is located in the temporal lobes of the brain. It also has branches into the frontal lobe through speech areas.

What area of the brain that develops most rapidly in the early stages after birth is the?

auditory cortex

What is the auditory associated cortex?

Actually, the auditory associated cortex is a part of the brain located in the temporal lobe ( the bottom area ) which holds and stores your memory.

What transmits sound from the inner ear to the brain?

Nerves in the ear respond to the mechanical stress of soundwaves and transmit the stress/sound accoundingly (super simplified answer)

Alcohol first affects the area of the brain that controls?


Which area of your brain controls conscious awareness?

The reticular system

What is the part of the brain that controls hearing and speech called?

The part of the brain that controls hearing and speech is primarily the left hemisphere, and more specifically, two key areas within it: the auditory cortex and Broca's area. Auditory Cortex: This region, located in the temporal lobe of the brain, is responsible for processing auditory information, including the sounds we hear. It helps in deciphering various aspects of sound, like pitch, volume, and tone. Broca's Area: While not directly linked to hearing, Broca's area plays a crucial role in speech production. It's located in the frontal lobe of the left hemisphere and is responsible for the formation of speech and language. Damage to this area can result in expressive language difficulties, known as Broca's aphasia. So, in a nutshell, when you hear something, your auditory cortex processes the sound, and when you want to speak or understand speech, your left hemisphere, including Broca's area, is actively involved in language processing. It's quite fascinating how different areas of the brain work together to make hearing and speech possible!

What part of the brain recognizes words?

Words are ultimately understood and recognized in Wernicke's area in the left temporal lobe of the brain. If words are spoken, the auditory signal goes straight to Wernicke's area. If they are written, several steps involving different parts of the brain precede recognition in the Wernicke's area. First, words are viewed as images. The occipital lobe in the back of the brain is responsible for sight, and words become registered in the visual areas of the occipital lobe. Next, the angular gyrus transforms the images of the words into auditory code. The auditory code is then understood in Wernicke's area.