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to not touch somebody else's things they put in their mouth, do not put things others already touched in you mouth matter of fact do not put your body parts in your mouth until you washed your hands.

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Q: What are ways to keep germs out of your body?
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What are some ways to keep germs out of your body?

We have to make our body clean by continous washing

What does the body have to keep the germs out of your body?

white cells

How the body deals with germs in various ways?


Can a face mask designed to keep one's germs to one's self be turned around to protect the wearer from other people's germs?

face mask is designed not to keep safe from the germs, it is usefull to not to attack to any body from us

What important function does saliva and mucus have in the mouth?

they keep out germs invading ur body

You keep foods away from the germs?

No. Germs are everywhere, therefore it is impossible to keep food away from germs. No matter where you put your food, there will be germs.

What are all the cells jobs?

The cells job is to protect the body from germs and keep you healthy and strong.

What ways does hair help your body?

keep dirt out of your body.

How does your body battle against germs?

our body has blood which contains w b c which removes germs and fights against the germs

Why should you bath daily?

For hygiene purposes, to keep your body clean, to get rid of germs or dirt gathered overnight or in the day?

Do germs hide and attack unexpectedly?

No, germs are not alive and attack your body emediantly. Also you can prevent germs by being healthy and washing your body regularly.

What are the ways on how you removed fast the marijuana in the body?

There are no ways to remove marijuana from the human body quickly. The best way to keep it out of a body is not to partake in its consumption.